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@buzzinneon said: wonder if annie had anything to do with the holly williams…

Actually Holly has been a friend of Jennifer’s since 2008 at least. She was on tour with Sugarland and spoke of Jennifer fondly on Chelsea Lately around that time too. Plus Jennifer loves Holly’s stores in Nashville - H Audrey & White Merchantile - twitter/instagramming about them on several occasions. So I am sure Annie working with her had nothing to do with her being a friend/fan of Holly. It’s probably an added perk if anything!

Richard Marx on working with Jennifer:

You and Jennifer Nettles wrote “Know You Wanna Know,” about the allure of celebrity gossip, for her recent solo album.

Sara Bareilles told me Jen and I needed to write together. So I spent a couple days at her house and we wrote four songs. And I’ll tell you right now that “Know You Wanna Know” is my least favorite. It’s fun, and I love the fact that it’s literally the last song on the record you’d think I wrote.

You’d expect …

… one of the ballads, of course. So that’s cool. But to me it’s a ditty. It’s not a song that anybody’s gonna remember a year or two from now.

What happened to the other three songs?

It’s a really good question. When you invest in another artist as a co-writer you’re diminishing your ability to sell that song. It’s got nothing to do with the song, but with other people’s mind set. It could be the perfect song for Faith Hill — the song that blasts her back on the radio. But I guarantee that either Faith Hill or Faith Hill’s manager or Faith Hill’s publicist at some point is gonna go, “Yeah, but he wrote it with Jennifer Nettles, so if it’s good why didn’t Jennifer cut it?”


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